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Linda Allen is currently contracted by Tusla ( Child and Family Agency) to run this Stress Resilience programme for staff in the Social work Dept in DSW (Dublin South West) and KWW (Kildare West Wicklow).

This programme has been designed and tailored for the workplace. Linda runs a drop in style Clinics on a monthly basis for an hour and a half per session where staff come and participate in an interactive way. This work is directed to support and help staff to:

  • recognise their stressors and triggers
  • understand how they operate under pressure in challenging times
  • develop helpful and effective strategies to support their resourcefulness.
  • learn techniques for changing internal mental processes that create stress
  • enhance effective communication skills

Stressed staff results in reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, poor working environment and morale.

Stress resilient staff are healthier and happier, more resourceful, productive and co-operative and have better attendance.

Broadly the methods employed are                                                                                                 

  • Mindfulness &meditation
  • Stress release techniques
  • Strategies for managing stressful states
  • Self-help exercises- physical and mental to build stress resilience 
  • Relaxation and breath-work 

These supports are designed to benefit participants to better manage stress related issues not only at work but also in their personal life.

Her broad experience helps to design and prepare material that is suited and pertinent to the groups they work with. Linda has a wealth of knowledge, skill and training which is delivered in a  professional and personable style.

If you need further information, such as a breakdown of activity based on your time allocation and needs or wish to meet to discuss your needs please contact


Linda regularly facilitates stress resilience and mindfulness clinics for  community groups, government funded agencies and also works with individuals to bring about personal empowerment.  These are designed based on the needs of a group and run as 4-6 week programmes or shorter once off sessions (1-2 hours) depending on the requirements. Linda currently runs a weekly session in the Fairgreen Clinic, Naas and half day workshops in the beautiful Hunting brook Gardens, Lamb Hill Blessington. Check @lindaallenhealing or call 0866372746.

Linda Allen

Life..just better!

Time to breakout of the rut? Move out of frustration, worry, fear and stress?

This course includes practical and immediately applicable strategies and techniques that can move you from;

  • fear into power
  • negativity to positivity
  • worry to calm
  • self doubt to self confidence
  • disempowering habits and patterns of limited thinking to ones that access your resourcefulness and capabilities

The benefits of this course can also include;

  • greater self awareness
  • enhanced relationship with yourself and others
  • better health and vitality
  • greater motivation and purpose
  • sense of contentment and happiness
  • self-confidence

These courses run as one day workshops or as morning/evening sessions over a period of four or six weeks. See Linda's face book page for updates and upcoming courses.



This workshop has taught me a new way to look at my life with less stress and more structure. Linda has a fresh and fun approach towards teaching new skills and giving tools that helped me go forward The skills and strategies I learned were not overwhelming, they are totally do-able for everybody. By learning this different approach towards my life it has given me the ability to change so much. Its put the spark back into my life. It has given me hope and the knowledge that anything is possible.”

                       -Mandy Beattie 

“Lindas understanding, knowing and awareness of life's journey was so clear, awakening, and fun! The course was so well put together. I enjoyed every session. I still smile when I think of it.” 

                      -Patricia Reville