An inspiring and uplifting speaker Linda Allen shares her experience and wisdom on living with the aftermath of her teenage son’s death by suicide. Her message brings to life the possibility of finding solace and hope in difficult circumstances, turning adversity into positivity and choosing to live fully in the face of tragedy. Linda speaks primarily on

1. Resilience & Personal Empowerment

No matter what is going on in our lives we can choose to work with it and turn it around for ourselves. Linda demonstrates how can we take charge and move from overwhelm into  resourcefulness.  Sharing insight along with practical tips on how to manage ourselves in the stressful times we live in.

2. Well being

Linda shares helpful and effective strategies to support accessing our resourcefulness along with techniques for changing internal mental processes that create stress. Linda ’s natural and relaxed style combined with an honest and integrity enhance her effective communication.

Many of us are trying to live up to some ideal of how life should be especially nowadays with so many lifestyles to aspire to and people to compare ourselves with. This leaves us with a feeling that we are not good enough. How could we turn this around and reconnect with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning bringing ease and happiness to our lives?

What if you had an innate sense of your intrinsic value and worth? How would that affect how you think? How you feel?  How you behave towards yourself and others? Join Linda Allen at her next date and venue or call Linda arrange for her to speak to a group you know would benefit from hearing her message. See @lindaallenhealing