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Linda has a natural capacity to hold space in a non-judgmental way, supporting and allowing healing for people with all kinds of issues. This feeling of safety encourages a release where issues including anxiety, stress related problems, overwhelm and grief can be processed and let go. Where appropriate Linda also offers coping techniques, strategies and tools which empower people to re-gain a sense of power and confidence in their ability to manage the demands their life puts on them. Having worked as a personal development tutor for years Linda has not only a wealth of experience working with people both with groups and on a an individual level but a comprehensive skill set. Coupled with a passionate interest in helping people feel better about themselves this results in a dedicated and personal approach.


Our mind, body, emotions and energy field hold information that affects and informs our lives and our responses to events. When we are in balance we flourish and feel good. However, the stresses and strains of life impact on us along with the beliefs we hold about ourselves and can manifest in our mind and body as dis-comfort or dis-ease. Feelings of depression, anxiety, sleep problems, physical and emotional issues, chronic pain or ailments can begin to manifest in our lives. Energy work, re-aligning the natural flow, re-balances and re-establishes equilibrium on all levels and this benefits and enhances our general feeling of well being.


This takes the form of a hands on healing and/or a counselling style session where the energy of the communication is the key to healing.


  • a deep sense of relaxation
  • renewed feelings of vitality and aliveness
  • empowerment as self awareness increases
  • a general feeling of well being

“My sustained passion for personal development and personal empowerment has not only supported my diverse work in the areas of child protection and adult education over the past years, but has been the structure on which I am recovering and renewing my spirit after personal tragedy. I am a natural empathiser, with great compassion and a capacity to sense what is being said beneath the words. This culminates in a powerful healing possibility in a session with me. The combination of training in energy medicine, life experience and working with people enables me to tailor the session to suit your needs.”  Linda Allen.

Linda has been working as a therapist in the area of energy therapies for the past 15 years having studied Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Frontline Counselling and Psychology.

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